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Adult Contemporary Hip Hop

The current climate of Hip Hop music can be inspiring and frustrating simultaneously, depending on the individual. Many golden era connoisseurs feel that the culture is being dumbed down by "mumble rap", while millennials regard it as the best thing since sliced bread. Twan Mack of Kareem City aka Milwaukee chooses to take the high road and make his own art as opposed to criticizing the youth for their addition to the landscape. 

Having been a brief resident in south New Jersey when Hip Hop was in its formative stages, Mack is committed to furthering the culture as a whole with his music, merchandising and motivational speaking.

As a Kareem City resident, he is influenced by all genres of Rap music, while his heart lies in Boom Bap. He produces, beatboxes and emcees at a high level and prides himself on being a great live performer.

2019 will see him release visuals with the likes of lyrical heavyweights Ras Kass, Skyzoo and Tragedy Khadafi. He will also unveil groundbreaking artist Solana. His merchandising company NostalgicVisuals.com is another vehicle he uses to creatively express himself. 

He encourages you to grow with him one supporter at a time as he spreads his message throughout the world...


"Hip Hop changed the world via music, fashion and attitude; this includes your life as well"

Twan Mack


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